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Changing Faces Consulting & Co is a distinguished branding and marketing boutique with headquarters strategically located in Atlanta, New Jersey, and Tampa. Our boutique agency prides itself on being the ultimate destination for businesses seeking to redefine their brand identity and dominate the digital landscape, particularly on Google. At Changing Faces Consulting, we are the driving force behind bomb brands and profit-driven strategies that set our clients apart in their industries. With a keen eye for innovation and a commitment to excellence, we bring a creative flair to every project, helping both local and international clients shine brightly in the online sphere.


With a proven track record of success in making businesses boom, Changing Faces Consulting is your go-to partner for growth and expansion. We are dedicated to fostering knowledge, ensuring efficiency, and consistently delivering results that you can rely on to propel your business forward. Our team at Changing Faces Consulting invites you to connect with us to explore how our expertise can elevate your business journey. Through our tailored solutions and impactful strategies, we are committed to helping you achieve your business objectives and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Let us collaborate with you to unlock the full potential of your brand and pave the way for lasting success

We offer a full scope of services


Craft an irresistible brand with our innovative design and strategic approach.  From defining your brand identity to creating captivating campaigns and supports, we’ll help you stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Changing Faces offers digital marketing services that encompass a wide range of strategies, including pay per click advertising(PPC), social media marketing, content marketing email marketing, and more. These services are designed to enhance brand exposure, drive website traffic, generate leas, and ultimately increase sales and revenue for businesses.


Who are here to bring your ideas to life on the web. Our goal is to offer you the creation of unique and attractive websites that meet your needs and your specifications. Small or medium-sized business, independent contractor or non-profit organization, we are here to help you grow your online presence professionally and efficiently.


Eight years. That’s how long we’ve been helping influencers, bosses and businesses, just like yours, build and scale into Million-Dollar Enterprises. Here’s the thing, we’re not stopping soon. Changing Faces Consulting & Co. started in 2015 with one goal: connecting people to their true potential.

Since then, we have worked with over 3000+ clients, scaled to over 6 figures, grown more than 200K across all social platforms & built a powerhouse team of 6 talented people. In 2019, we pivoted targets from Business Development to Brand Identity & Marketing Strategy Programs. Pressing forward to 2023 our target has narrowed to helping larger scaled organizations develop digitalization, automations, and strategic systemic developments within their pipelines. All these years later, we have learned that anyone can create a business or claim to know marketing strategies, but not everyone understands what a brand needs to truly stand out from the competition and that’s why I became a strategist. 

Our philosophy is simple
The right team, a clear vision and powerful execution is the secret sauce to success and we’ve got it all.
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Ashleigh Larue

Meet the Marketing Strategist Behind Changing Faces

Hi! I’m Ashleigh Larue,  the Founder & CEO, with a grand vision to empower individuals like you to create billion-dollar enterprises. With 8 incredible years of experience, I’ve transformed countless ideas into tangible success, helping clients achieve remarkable growth.

My philosophy is simple yet transformative: success thrives on a winning combination of the right team, a crystal-clear vision, and unwavering execution.

Imagine your brand shining confidently, effortlessly attracting high-paying clients who recognize your true value. With my unique approach and proven strategies, I’m dedicated to empowering your entrepreneurial journey to success.

Set ambitious goals and strive to achieve the 50k milestone

Seize this golden opportunity and position yourself as a trusted brand, leaving competitors in the dust. Embark on a transformational journey to revolutionize your brand and fuel your prosperity.

Time is ticking, and the window of opportunity is closing—act now to reshape your future with Changing Faces Consulting & CO. Don’t let your dreams fade away. Embrace change, and change your life forever. The time is now—act decisively.


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Based on 41 reviews
Alecia Baker
Alecia Baker
I would recommend this company to any business owner that needs to make sure they are on the right track with there business. They offer services for forming a business, marketing a business and establishing business credit. The level of service I received was amazing. The turn around period for business cards, logos and flyers was 5 days we’ll worth it.
Very Professional and will get your request done in a timely manner..Highly Recommend
Monee T. Smith
Monee T. Smith
I just would like to take the time and say THANK YOU to Changing Faces Consulting & Co. You guys was very Professional and your turn around time was amazing. My resume is well put together! I will be using your service and referring you to everyone I know. Good luck to you keep up the great work!
Jalem Robinson - CEO of BUBBA INC
Jalem Robinson - CEO of BUBBA INC
They are creative and innovative! They work with you to make sure you have what you need and are satisfied! I love our people! Highly recommend!
Alisha Simmons
Alisha Simmons
"Loveee every logo they have created for me. Answers ALL my questions with no problem (on top of her game frfr)."
CT Harris
CT Harris
We absolutely loved our logo and flyer from Changing Faces! They exceeded our expectations and were very efficient. We explained our design and they delivered every single time! It was important for us to work with a company who could execute and had the creative genius we needed to deliver this vision for our radio show. As long as Changing Faces is in business we will always partner with Ashleigh and her team to deliver the type of excellence we know is possible!! They understand that excellence is the standard and they won’t stop until they deliver! If you’re looking for a creative genius to bring your vision to life- look no further! They are undefeated!
Cole Realty Group Atlanta
Cole Realty Group Atlanta
Professional service! CF is absolutely information and knowledgeable. Im most impressed with the creative designs, pure talent!
It was an awesome experience to be able to meet with someone that can provide insight. Experienced knowledgeable and very detailed as well. All my concerns were addressed. I will definitely be using these services more as my business continues to grow.
lauren franklin
lauren franklin
Changing faces was recommended to me by my friend and business mentor as they had made her logo for her business. The phone consultation was professional and had the ease of sharing my ideas with a friend. Every subsequent email or text was exactly the same. When I say that I am elated with my logo and the ease and quick turn around in which I received it its only because I cant find the words. All Three renditions were my favorite I actually had to run a poll to with friends and family to help me decide. I am so happy with the WHOLE experience I would recommend them to anyone who asks. 10/10 would do and will do again.


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