To get started please have your documents typed and prepared. We do not accept screenshots of verbiage or images. Images must be high quality. Documents can by typed in email, WordPad, notepad, Microsoft word or pdf. Logos must be in png or pdf transparent versions for best results. Please proofread and double check all content prior to submitting. Please keep in mind inspiration photos are great, however, we do not copy other brands. To begin your website, we will send you a checklist to get started, however, please visit other websites and jot down some ideas and have a list of features you want to see on your website. Also, let us know the platform you desire such as Shopify, WordPress, Wix, to name a few. Create a password document. We will need login credentials for your hosting, domain, Instagram (if you are having it integrated) and whatever else you think we will need.

Changing Faces Marketing & Rapport Services has a
No Refund Policy. All Sales are Final.

Flyers & Graphics:
4-7 Business Days
Logo Designs:
7-10 Business Days
Business Card Design:
4-7 Business Days
Printing Turnaround
Printing: 3-7 Business Days
Shipping: 2-4 Business Days
24 hours of invoice payment

All items get 3 revisions for the initial concept request completed if needed by request from the client. New concept designs after initial design is created will result in additional fees.
Revision turnaround times may vary. Turnaround time depends on the nature of the change. If you need additional changes made after the first three revision request have been done each additional one thereafter is $15, and this must be paid prior to any additional changes being made. PSD & Vector files are not included in purchase but can be provided at additional cost. JPEG & PNG are included only.

Domain & Web hosting is NOT included in website service.
Both must be purchased outside of Changing Faces Marketing & Rapport Services.
Website designing WILL NOT be created until service/package invoice and paid in full.
Delay in submitting any information to CFMRS for any service, can result in a delay of completion deadline. If your information is not submitted on time your project may be placed on hold, which will result in turnaround time delays.
The client has 2 months after invoice is paid to work towards completion of services. After 2 months if the clients required information is not submitted, the client will forfeit all monies and services from Changing Faces Marketing & Rapport Services.

You are allowed a 7 Day Window to submit all information needed for your order that you may have left off your initial order form. This information can be sent via email to
In the subject line, be sure to put your business name followed by the name used on your order form. AFTER 7 DAYS THE CONTRACT IS VOID. TURNAROUND TIME WILL BE EXTENDED DEPENDING ON THE LENGTH OF TIME IT TAKES TO ACQUIRE ALL the INFORMATION NEEDED TO COMPLETE PROJECT.
All required information for any service MUST be completed on a Changing Faces Service Form. Information may also be submitted through email. TEXT MESSAGING, DMs & INBOXING are not accepted for information submittal.

Payment plans are accepted on all services except Articles of Incorporation & Tax Identification Numbers.
Financing agreements are handled with 3rd party lenders.

Deposit is non-refundable. No refunds
Website design will start after full package amount is paid.
3 Months contract time, after 3 months contract of services is voided. Meaning if you purchase a package in January and become an inactive client after 3 months the contract is VOIDED.

It is important to maintain a professional and friendly tone during email, phone, and chat sessions. There are times we may become frustrated, however, remaining professional is key to solving any issues that may arise. We strive to keep our clients happy and satisfied. For any reason you are unhappy with your service, please advise a team representative and we will work together to resolve the issue.


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