Millionaire Bae Content Package




You’ve definitely got people’s attention now, and it’s time to make
sure everything’s on point! Perfecting your Instagram feed, keeping your brand voice and aesthetic
consistent, and posting quality content is more important than ever. We’ll take content curation off your
plate, so you can focus on scaling your business.

Offer includes:
1. (30) Minute Strategy Call

2. Create a cohesive look and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed that coincides with your brand message:

3. Shared Google Folder to store content

4. Feed designed for you with campaign strategy, captions, stories and scheduling.

5. 40 posts per month
2/3 stories a day (60-90 per month)

6. Content & Graphic Creation

7. Assisting with targeting audience by social media management, reach, and followers per month


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